35th Asian Racing Conference

Andrew James, Senior Principal at Populous, delivered a paper on sustainability in racecourses at  the 35th Asian Racing Conference held at the Hong Kong Jockey Club (5-8 May 2014). Andrew’s talk considered sustainability in a broad sense focusing on  environmental, social and financial issues including:

  • Sustainability during  construction and operation
  • Materials selection and their impact on the environment
  • The use of innovative technology to reduce the amount of materials used and lessen the amount of embodied energy in a stadium, or grandstand
  • The cost of maintaining a large sports structure over a period of 30 years as compared with its initial construction cost
  • The use of temporary facilities to minimise construction of permanent facilities while catering for one off, or annual major
  • Sustainability in terms of use,  reuse and shared use
  • Maximising use
  • The importance of flexibility in design
  • Maintaining atmosphere and maximising non-gambling event day revenue

    Populous Senior Associate Tiric Chang at the Populous booth at the ARC


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