3rd Annual SEA Airport Expansion Summit

Brett Wightman will be presenting at the 3rd Annual SEA Airport Expansion Summit in Hanoi, Vietnam.

During his presentation, Brett will explore alternative revenue streams that are available for South East Asian airports with particular attention to the architectural, spatial and financial opportunities these will create.

Air travel in South East Asia is in its infancy, many of the rules and regulations that define the financial models of western airports are not here. Due to the influx of low cost airlines, everyday more people are being given the opportunity to fly – this is a very exciting time. Airports are full of first time travellers and their families keen to participate in this life changing experience.

The airport plays a significant role in the make up of any city. South East Asia with its unique archipelago is reliant on air and sea transportation to stay connected. Nowhere is there a greater seasonal worker migration than in this region. With this brings the emotional, financial and joy that travel entails – all played out within an airport.

Airport operators have the opportunity to now truly ingrain their facilities into the cities urban fabric for generations to come. It will be these visionary airports that are able to question – “what an airport is in a South East Asian context?” that will define the way we move around the region in the years to come.

Brett’s presentation will address the following key points:

  1. South East Asia
  2. Density and the airport city
  3. Romance of travel
  4. Connections, movement and activation
  5. Technology – Leapfrog effect
  6. Alternative revenue streams
  7. Upgrading and expansion – Using Changi Terminal 1 Extension as an example

View detail about the event here.

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