Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific

Brett Wightman, Andrew Noonan and Matt Reynolds will be speaking at this years’ Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific Conference which is being held at the Singapore Sports Hub in Singapore 24-26 September. During the conference they will speak on the following topics:

Brett Wightman:

Opened in 2014, the Philippine Arena is the world’s largest indoor arena with a capacity of 50,000 inside the building plus a further 50,000 to gather at a ‘live site’ outside to share in major events. Brett will talk about how the boundaries of Arena design have been pushed in creating a building with such a large capacity.

Matt Reynolds and Andrew Noonan:

Matt and Andrew will look at a range of arenas around the world which illustrate emerging and future trends dealing with the requirements of performers, production managers and operators, as well as the expectations of patrons. The way we access and take part in major events has dramatically changed with the re-emergence of the live music industry. As the nature of entertainment shifts all over the world, the physical buildings which house these events have also had to change to suit both the new event and the new audience. Understanding these new venues and designing them to be adaptable and flexible is key to the future success and viability of arenas for operators, performers and spectators alike.