2012 Stadia Design and Technology Expo

This coming May, Todd Voth will participate on a panel about the impact of Farmer’s Field and the Los Angeles Convention Center expansion at the Stadia Design and Technology Expo.

From Stadiums to Arenas, Stadia Design and Technology Expo, which takes place in Los Angeles, California, from May 8 to 10 2012, will showcase next-generation revenue-generation technologies; innovative capacity-boosting concepts; environmentally conscious building materials, techniques and services; operational efficiency-enhancing technologies, systems and services; as well as introduce owners and operators of Stadiums and Arenas to unique, world-class design and architectural technologies, companies and service providers.

The Convention, organized by the publishers of the industry-leading Stadia magazine which was launched over 11 years ago, is designed to enable project teams who are planning a new-build or major refurbishment of a sports venue to exchange ideas and information with experts from around the world. 

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