Associated Press: “Architects Spear, Santee Shape Ballpark Experience”

June 30, 2015

The Associated Press discussed the careers, friendship and industry impact of Populous senior principals Earl Santee and Joe Spear in a recent feature story “Architects Spear, Santee Shape Ballpark Experience.”  Together, Spear and Santee have designed 13 of the last 14 new ballparks and had their hand in 20 current ballparks, as well as work with 24 of the 30 clubs.

As Dave Skretta explains, “Over nearly three decades, the two men have built Kansas City-based Populous into the pre-eminent sports architecture company in the country. They’ve designed everything from Olympic buildings to minor league ballparks, in the process doing as much to shape the fan experience as any athlete or owner.”

With the Atlanta Braves new ballpark underway, Spear and Santee are working together to develop what could be the “future of ballpark development.” Scheduled to open in 2017, John McHale, Vice President of Major League Baseball explains “It really looks like this will be the apotheosis of the ballpark development boom — of the past 30 years.”

Read the full story here.


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