Attending the 2013 MLS All Star Game at Sporting Park? A Few Things Not to Miss

July 29, 2013

The countdown is officially in the single digits and Sporting Park is just days away from hosting the 2013 MLS All Star Game. As avid soccer fans, the media and the nation’s best players descend on Kansas City, Kan., we’re providing fans with suggestions of features they should be sure to check out while visiting the stadium, from the architects who designed it.

  • Wi-Fi
    Pick up your phone, check the stats, surf the internet, share your photos of the game and explore what is considered the most sophisticated Wi-Fi/DAS system of any stadium in America.
  • Members Club
    The Members Club is one of the most unique premium experiences in Major League Soccer. Directly adjacent to the Cauldron and only accessible by fans who hold tickets in the Blue Hell, the space features discounted prices on concessions and a social gathering place for the most avid fans. After the game, the Members Club will be open to all fans in attendance, giving All Star Game attendees an opportunity to experience the club first hand.
  • A Bridge with a View
    The bridge on the north side of the stadium, on the main concourse behind the Cauldron, provides one of the best views of Sporting Park. While you’re in the stadium, take a walk around the concourse and situate yourself on the bridge for a few minutes. You’ll be glad you stopped to take in the atmosphere that has made Sporting Park famous.
  • Technology Galore
    Sporting Park is known for its world-class integration of technology, including the Wi-Fi system mentioned above. The stadium also features technology to accommodate the Sporting Explore app; tweets with the hashtag #sportingKC scroll on the stadium’s videoboard; QR codes on seats to enable check ins; and concession orders and advertising are tailored to various locations in the stadium.
  • An Inspired Exterior
    The stadium’s designers were inspired to capture and communicate the movement and motion of soccer players in their design. While at the stadium, be sure to notice the repeating, angular fins on the exterior of the facility that represent the players’ bodies and athleticism.
  • Translucent Panels
    The signature canopy, which amplifies crowd noise to create an intimidating home-field advantage, also is shaped to mimic the long arc of a soccer ball as it travels across the field. The polycarbonate, translucent panels at the edge of the canopy create an intimate setting for soccer while allowing sunlight to hit the field.
  • Sprint Plaza
    The Sprint Plaza is located on the west side of Sporting Park and opens two hours prior to the time the game begins for all guests. It’s a fun, social space outdoors that will feature pre-All Star game activities for families.

We hope you get the opportunity to enjoy all that Sporting Park and Kansas City have to offer while you’re in town. It’s a stadium that has had a tremendous impact on the city, the team and the league, and we’re excited that MLS fans from across the globe will be able to see it first-hand.


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