Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve Plan and Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District Progresses

May 12, 2015


The Bear Creek Redwoods Preserve Plan will provide implementation strategies and design guidelines for elements of public access, natural and cultural resources, as well as maintenance of the Preserve. The plan will also function as the basis for programming of the 1,432-acre Preserve, scheduled to be open for general public access by 2016. Populous’ team of planners and designers in collaboration with the equestrian services team are working closely with Midpen staff and multiple community stakeholders to prepare and facilitate a clear, accelerated planning process to complete the Preserve Plan in time for its anticipated opening. The project includes a comprehensive public process, which requires an innovative approach to outreach and communications within a short timeframe.  An open house, public-at-large meetings and a number of focus groups sessions are part of the plan devised by the landscape design and planning team to achieve the goals of the project and get valuable public feedback.


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