Construction nearing completion on Populous designed PNG National Stadium

December 8, 2015

Construction of Papua New Guinea’s National Football Stadium is on target with three months until completion. The stadium is due to open in February 2016 after almost all materials had to be shipped in from overseas and will become the National Stadium for Rugby League in Papua New Guinea.

Construction of Papua New Guinea’s National Football Stadium has been challenging said Populous Principal Shaun Gallagher.

“Papua New Guinea has a very small manufacturing base meaning all material had to be manufactured overseas in Australia, China and Japan and shipped in. The manufacturing experts, such as fabric roof specialists, needed to be on site and work alongside local tradesmen to help with installation,” he said.

The redeveloped stadium will include 3,000 permanent seats and 12,000 seats in a modular grandstand system. This has been designed to allow future staging to enable an ultimate capacity of 25,000 seats.

PNG National Stadium - Steel
Assembly of the structural steel after its arrival from China
PNG National Stadium - Seating Plats
The installation of pre-cast concrete seating plats which are craned into position.
PNG National Stadium - Safety Netting
Workers install safety netting to prepare for the roof fabric installation
PNG National Stadium - Stairs
The stairs are made of steelwork fabricated in China. This provides the formwork into which concrete is poured in-situ.
PNG National Stadium - Corporate Deck
National Football Stadium’s Corporate Deck
PNG National Stadium - View
View of the field from the corporate lounge. In total there will be 10 corporate suites and one corporate lounge area
PNG National Stadium - Field
Papua New Guinea does not have easy access to turf, with the result meaning the playing surface is being grown from seed.
PNG National Stadium - Facade
Intricate steel facade to the lift lobby and stairway.



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