Imagine That 2013: A New Take

September 12, 2013

The Imagine That Workshop is an annual event hosted by Populous that serves as a think-tank for the convention and exhibition industry. For more than a decade, 15-20 industry leaders have been invited to participate with Populous designers in imagining the future of the industry. Participants include building operators, convention and visitors bureau (CVB) representatives, meeting planners and community leaders. the Imagine That Workshop is an exclusive event where professionals come together to discuss emerging trends,  explore  opportunities to create better customer experiences and solutions for creating more successful meeting environments.

The meeting and convention industry continues to evolve and the facilities which house the events have not kept pace with the change. We believe it is time for a new and enhanced convention center model, and the intent of the Imagine That Workshop is to collaborate with industry leaders to make that happen.  On October 21-23, 2013, we will once again host 15 important thought leaders in Kansas City for the 12th annual event. This year’s focus will be on the DNA of customer experience. Participants will experience Kansas City and engage in this highly interactive workshop by discussing the topics that are critical to delivering better experiences for convention delegates and providers. From airport and transportation to hotel, entertainment and dining to the convention center and its district,  we will explore what makes great experiences and what detracts from the experience. Because this intimate workshop involves a small number of participants, we have decided to broaden the participation by offering anyone in the industry the opportunity to participate in the conversations and workshop sessions via Twitter. We realize many in the meeting and convention industry have valuable insights on the topics we discuss each year and we want to facilitate learning and engagement – whether in person or virtually- among all professionals in the field.

So how can you participate? By following us at @POPImagineThat and monitoring the hashtag #ImagineThat2013, you can contribute to our virtual workshop, drive conversations and learn from the industry leaders attending. Conversations won’t be limited to the three day conference. We welcome suggestions about topics important to you prior to the conference and we hope the conversations will continue year-round. Direct Message us on Twitter @POPImagineThat with your email address and we will ensure we distribute the agenda to you ahead of time so you can choose in which conversations you’d like to participate during the conference.

During the conference, attendees in Kansas City will see a scrolling feed with contributions from virtual attendees via Twitter, allowing them to discuss and comment on what others in the industry are saying. We will also be live-tweeting certain sessions.

Questions about how things will work? Want to learn more about Imagine That? Email and we will get your questions answered.


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