Aiden Morris

Architect | Australia / Sydney

Aiden has been with Populous since 2015 and has moved to their Sydney office in early 2017.

Despite his relatively young age Aiden has worked on a number of high performance training facilities and stadia within Populous and was recently awarded the 2016 Queensland Institute of Architects’ Memorial Medallion.

Aiden is passionate about combining complex briefs with strong conceptual design ideas at large scales. He has been able to use his knowledge of parametric modelling and graduate thesis on architectural innovation to realise this across a variety of projects.

Aiden worked on the construction stage of the nearly-completed Simonds Stadium Stage Four renovation which included provision for the Geelong Cats’ high performance training facility, office facilities, VIP and media suites. Since his work on Geelong, he has been working in Sydney on the NSWRL Centre of Excellence, a $23,000,000 purpose built training facility and office building.

Aiden has also completed work developing a master plan for Blacktown International Sportspark in NSW. The project called for the consolidation of a number of stakeholder inputs, which were considered in the final master plan. The final scheme focused on development pathways and elite training, with an interest in fostering community partnerships and sports science research capabilities.