Chris Hayward

Design Anthropologist / Brisbane

In the role of Design Anthropologist, Chris is responsible for leading strategic and creative solutions to define memorable and meaningful experiences and customer centric strategies. Throughout his anthropological work, he has helped major brands, teams and individuals to understand and make sense of their industry, customers and end-users. He specialises in providing strategic insight for product, service, experience design and business development by finding ways to align human needs, business goals, and cultural technologies. In his spare time, Chris is an Adjunct Lecturer in Anthropology at the University of Queensland Social Sciences Faculty.

Chris has more than 12 years’ experience leading and managing research and design teams working in cross and multi-cultural contexts. He has held senior positions on a wide range of projects in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, France and Great Britain.

Chris’ industry experience covers aviation, retail, eHealth, public sector, leisure and entertainment, social services, hospitality, manufacturing, academia, rural and remote mental health, primary healthcare, quality use of medicines, organisational design, Indigenous community development.