Keerti Manney

Architect / New Delhi

Keerti completed a Bachelor of Architecture at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, before gaining professional experience specialising in façade and roof development, parametric and computational design. Keerti joined the Populous team in New Delhi and has worked across a variety of projects utilising her expertise in exterior formation, façade design and also interior design.

Keerti has worked on a multitude of projects across different building types and countries in the Asia Pacific region, including being closely involved in parametric design for a large-scale arena project in Chennai, India and completing documentation packages for Kai Tak Sports Park in Hong Kong.

Keerti is passionate about sustainability, digital fabrication, and architectural diagramming. She strives to include environmentally and socially responsible initiatives in her design work wherever possible. In her spare time, Keerti enjoys experimenting with new media, AR VR, generative artworks, and data sculpture design. She is a creative and innovative architect, who endeavours to push boundaries and innovate with her work.