Nino Middleton

Architectural Assistant / Brisbane

After completing his Bachelor of Architectural Design at the University of Queensland, Nino joined Populous in 2017 as an Architectural Assistant, and is working full time to gain professional experience before returning to complete his Masters. For the majority of 2017, Nino worked on the West Coast Eagles Training Facility in Perth, where he played a role in the documentation and modelling of the project during the Contract Documentation for tender.

Nino has a particular interest in stadia and their unique ability to draw a diverse range of people together from across the world. He enjoys that the scale of Populous’ projects allows for work on a variety of levels, ranging from intricate details that affect a fan’s experience, to iconic masterplans that have a long-lasting impact upon the urban fabric of our cities. He is interested in specialising in BIM model management and algorithmic design, and studying how these technologies can be utilised in creating memorable and functional architecture.