Shuwei Zhang

Architectural Designer | Parametric / Brisbane

Shuwei studied a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Queensland, before then completing both a Master of Science and Master of Architecture spread across the Technical University of Delft and University of Queensland. In his Masters, he developed skills in design to fabrication, design to optimization and furthered his research and interests in computational architecture. As an Architectural Designer, focusing on parametric design, he has extensive experience in assisting with difficult geometry, rationalization and optimization of building elements. With experience in environmental analysis, concept design and environmental optimization, Shuwei joined the Populous team in the Brisbane office.

Using his skill set, Shuwei has worked across several notable Populous projects, ensuring that environmental data and statistics are used to optimize designs, ensuring surrounding climate and settings considered. Working on large scale projects such as the Kai Tak Sports Precinct, have developed Shuwei’s skills in handling complex geometries, developing and testing challenging designs prior to client presentation. Shuwei’s interests include data science, virtual reality and sustainability, ensuring that environmental analysis is at the forefront of his project work.