Populous-designed FLIP Seating Wins 2016 Passenger Terminal World Design Challenge

June 8, 2016

Populous has taken home first place in Passenger Terminal World’s 2016 Design Challenge with its innovative FLIP seating design. The design challenge is an exclusive biennial event inviting both established and up-and-coming designers to showcase their ideas for next-generation airport seating.

The FLIP chair is part seat, part storage space. FLIP is a seating module that can be rotated, flipped and combined with other modules to create a multitude of different seating configurations. Intended to maximize the efficiency of seating systems and satisfy the myriad needs of today’s travelers, the FLIP seat departs from conventional “row seating,” offering an experience as unique as the individual passenger using it.

The module uses a composite metal frame as the exoskeleton to support a high-performance seating mesh; resulting in a sturdy, flexible and comfortable seating experience. Utilizing phase-change material technologies, the mesh adapts to body temperature to heat or cool the user. The frame also functions as a conduit for the electrical components of the storage and charging unit. The integration of temporary carry-on locker storage beneath the seat provides travelers more room without cluttering floor and aisle spaces. Made of clear polycarbonate, it is easy to determine if the locker is available. The lockers and electrical outlets connect to underfloor electrical junction boxes.

As part of the competition, Dubai Airport Company intends to install prototypes of the first FLIP seating units in the newly completed Concourse D at Dubai International Airport.

“Dubai Airport is looking for a seating concept that sows a true understanding of the passenger’s needs and responds intuitively and with empathy to these needs. Populous’ winning design checked all the boxes. The winning design concept has taken real life problems that passengers face and given a simple and intuitive response,” said Bryan Thompson, senior vice-president of development for Dubai Airports.

Populous collaborates with airport operators, air carriers and vendors to meet the challenge of doing more within stakeholders’ means at airports around the country. With domestic and international projects including the Oakland Terminal area development study and advance planning for a major Asian airport, Populous’ aviation group focuses on creating a memorable journey from doorway to jetway and back again.

To learn more about airport and transportation innovation through design, visit populous.com/aviation.


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