Populous Partners with Gizmodo to Imagine Esports Arena

December 6, 2013

Populous has partnered with Gizmodo to provide a first look at what the first e-sports specific arena could look like. Since the 1990’s, video gaming has become a booming industry, resulting in cyber-cafes and cable channels devoted to gaming in places like South Korea. Geoff Manaugh of Gizmodo explains “Populous decided to pre-empt this [interest in e-sports facilities] by looking ahead a few years to 2020, combining some deep research into the architectural tendencies of today’s mega-venues with the particular – and some might say peculiar – media needs of a public gaming space.” With the growing popularity in the Americas, Europe and Australia of e-sports, Populous developed designs that demonstrate two different types of venues – an e-sport super venue and a modular, mobile venue. Manaugh explains “Both visions… indicate the need for something monumental and public enough, something architecturally spectacular, for this explosively popular industry, a business (and a fan base) now bigger than Hollywood and nipping at the heels of other professional sports.”

Read more from Gizmodo here.


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