BBVA Compass Stadium Branding

As designers of sports facilities, Populous specializes in built environments that connect fans, teams and buildings in order to create dynamic atmospheres. BBVA Compass Stadium, home to Major League Soccer’s Houston Dynamo, was designed by Populous as a facility that truly embodies its team’s brand – evident at first glance by the vibrant orange color and forward-thinking design of the stadium’s exterior. As a graphic designer for the project, my team and I were able to carry the exterior brand expression to the interior by creating a complete signage and branding package. Signage and wayfinding systems navigate a visitor through an environment, but also establish a recognizable brand for a venue. Custom designed signage anticipates how a visitor will move through a space and predetermines what decisions they will need to make at certain points. More importantly, seamlessly designed wayfinding creates a memorable and positive experience for fans.

Graphic design for a sports facility, in my opinion, has more of an emotional impact on a building patron than any other type of facility because the way in which a fan connects to what they see around them during an energy-filled game environment. By using the Dynamo brand as the cornerstone for the design of BBVA Compass Stadium’s signage and wayfinding, we were able to deliver a memorable and fan-centered experience.

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  1. Hello ones at Populous! My name is Bleszing Utomi and im in the 7th grade at Kipp:Sharpstown College Prep and here in Houston Texas,and i am proud to say that this company has inspired me to become an arcbitect and create masterpieces like the ones you all have done! I have created a variety of stadiums based off numerous themes for instance like a nuclear and court house themes. I would like for one day to work at Populous but to also have and raise a family. But i love the work that has been put here in Houston! The Dynamo's stadium is not just a stadium but a work of art!

    Blessing Utomi
    August 6, 2012

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