Construction powers ahead on the unique Taipei Dome

After 13 years since the initial feasibility study, Taipei Dome is truly starting to take shape, with construction due for completion in 2015. The Dome, a multifunctional 40,000 seat indoor baseball stadium and multi-functional venue is part of $500M mixed use development, the first of its kind in Taipei. It will signal the way of the future for sports and entertainment facilities in Asia. Two years into construction you can see the form of the Dome starting to come together.

Taipei City.

Taipei Dome is the first project in Taiwan that integrates a new sport and commercial development with an historic Precinct. It is built on the site of the old Songshan Tobacco Factory, which is now heritage listed. Here construction progress can be seen from the office of the client, developer Far Glory.

Interface between the Taipei Dome and retail mall as seen over the heritage listed Songshan Tobacco factory.

Roof jacking towers in place. The first nine metre lift is complete.

In-progress roof structure hung between jacking towers as seen from the infield of the new stadium.

Tension ring truss under construction as seen from Heritage-listed Tobacco factory.

Under construction dome reflected in the glass of nearby retail building.

The offices of the developer Far Glory seen in the high rise beyond.

Taipei street scape

Dome and retail interface as seen from the bustling Taipei street.

The Dome under construction at twilight.

A job well done.


  1. Hi HOK Sports
    I am a Taiwanese baseball-fans. There’s a rumor in Taiwan that the Taipei Dome which you are building can not be used for professional baseball game, is it true? Thanks if I can have your reply.

    Kaku Kuo
    January 22, 2015
    • Hello Kaku,

      Those are non-sense rumors spread by no-brain Taiwanese politicians aiming to attack the developer and former mayor and his administration for their political gain. Populous is the most well-known stadium designing firm in the world and there is no way they’d design a stadium that cannot be used to play baseball games.

      I have read the plans and I have organized international baseball tournaments. Don’t worry, baseball games can be and will be held in Taipei Dome.

      Richard Wang.

      Richard Wang
      May 30, 2015

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