Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Concept

Cleveland Hopkins Airport Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Connector

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Many artists describe the power of music and rhythm being about the space in between. It’s the sound of the music, but it’s also everything else that defines the cultural experiences surrounding the music: the obsessed fans associated with Beatle Mania in London, the anticipation and energy just before an opening act in Berlin, or the excitement of an Alan Freed radio broadcast in Cleveland.

Populous’ Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concept for Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) aims to capture the emotional and gravitational quality of Rock and Roll through capturing and celebrating the elements of Rock and Roll music that resonate with us at a human level. The experience takes the passenger through the moments, places and events that have shaped the story of Rock and Roll.

360 Projection Experience: Visitors are immersed in a 360-degree projection experience as they arrive “on stage” for a dramatic first impression. The anticipation and energy just before the main act is conveyed before the visitor makes their way into the tunnel experience.

Media Gateway: The Media Gateways serve as engaging and playful storytelling devices. One minute, there could be an artful expression of the Cleveland skyline, the next minute Elvis or Mick Jagger could be dancing to greet you as you enter into the tunnel. The Media Gateways also function as vehicles for wayfinding and advertising.

Tunnel Experience: As visitors make their way through the tunnel, they are immersed in an artful and interpretive projection display of various “in-between” moments of Rock and Roll.

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