ICC Sydney Theatre, Darling Harbour Live

  • Sydney
  • 2016

The HASSELL + Populous design for the ICC Theatre creates Sydney’s largest theatre that will provide an unrivalled concert experience.

Every one of the venues 8,000 seats is focussed on the centre of the stage and a fan shaped vertical seating layout ensures an optimal view from every seat in the house. With an additional GA standing floor, the venue will accommodate 9,000 people.

The venue’s expansive shape is designed for rock concerts and other large entertainment events.

The theatre is designed to enrich the live experience. It brings audiences closer to performers by providing unobstructed, 100% forward facing views of the stage from every seat in the house. The ICC Theatre’s layered mesh facade wraps the entire volume of the auditorium to create a unique and memorable venue, with the vibrant red foyer areas glowing in the evening – signalling the exciting energy of the entertainment industry. Guests will experience a world class welcome from the moment they enter the theatre through a 180m2 digital screen.

The theatre will also feature unique views looking out over the city. The building reconnects visually with the Sydney CBD on all foyer levels, providing Sydney with three new living rooms to view the spectacular lights of the CBD.

The theatre is connected to ICC Sydney and also links to Tumbalong Place. It has 260 car parks, 1400m2 retail space, various VIP areas and multiple foyers with views of Sydney’s CBD over Tumbalong Park.

The corridor down Tumbalong Place will be activated with a high-end bar to create energy and life on both event and non-event days, enlivening Tumbalong Place as people make their way to and from the light-rail stop.

As well as concerts, the theatre will be used for sporting events and mega conferences. The innovative design reduces the footprint of the building – allowing for an expansion of open space in the precinct.