One Chair, Myriad Possibilities

FLIP Seating

  • Dubai
  • 2016


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FLIP is an airport seating solution designed by Populous around a single module that can be rotated, flipped and recombined with other modules to create a range of seating configurations. The module is framed with a composite metal frame that allows the exo-skeleton to support a high-performance seating mesh; resulting in a sturdy, yet highly flexible and comfortable seating experience. The mesh utilizes phase change material technologies that adapts to one’s body temperature – heating or cooling the user – providing comfort for every traveler habit. The composite framing also functions as a conduit for the electrical components of the storage and charging unit.

Inspired by the remarkable versatility of a “magic cube” puzzle, two basic seating modules can be reorganized in myriad configurations; providing a wide range of lounging, working and play options for all traveler types and needs. The following configuration matrix enumerates the wide range of possibilities to match users and their travel needs.

The FLIP seating design was awarded first place in the Airport Seating Design Challenge 2016 from Passenger Terminal World Magazine.