Designing the Boston Story at Terminal B

Boston-Logan International Airport Gate Connector

  • Boston
  • 2017


Populous is collaborating with Kleinfelder’s Cambridge, Mass., office as the interior designer and brand activation specialists on the Gate 37-38 Connector Project at Boston’s Logan International Airport for the reconstruction and re-use of the vacated Virgin America gates at Terminal B.

Working in collaboration with the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), the owner and operator of the airport, the team set out in 2016 to create a gate design prototype that built on Massport’s existing design standards. Our client challenge was simple – develop a concept that unifies all the airside gates at the airport, minimize impact to existing facilities and operations and transform the guest experience by telling an age-old Boston story in an entirely fresh and innovative way.


Our interior renovation concept emphasized Boston’s unique relationship with its natural and man-made landforms including its historic Harbor Islands. A feature wall element in the concourse’s main connector walkway is derived of a year’s worth of NOAA tidal maps and reflects the four distinctive seasons that are intrinsic to the Boston experience. On the non-secure, public airside, a wayfinding node incorporates all of the terminals existing signage into one visual device that can serve as a meeting point while simultaneously functioning as a signage element at a busy terminal intersection.


The interior redevelopment scope includes the relocation of isolated existing offices and domestic passenger security checkpoints. Interior passenger and airline spaces will also be extensively reconfiguring to reconnect two passenger hold rooms to an existing food court and the rest of Pier A at Terminal B. The sum impact will be a convergence of all gates at Pier A and consolidation of all passenger screening functions.

The renovation within the 1970s structure was developed with a sustainability commitment to minimize replacement of existing building systems. The requirement to keep the gates operational within the construction site necessitated a complex phasing plan developed between the construction manager and design team.

With completion estimated for the end of 2017, the project is part of Massport’s continued commitment to elevate the passenger’s in-terminal experience with best-in-class amenities, seating, dining options. Authentic and immersive cultural experiences convey a story true to the region.