The Next-Generation Vineyard Airport Facilities

Martha’s Vineyard Airport ARFF-SRE Facility

  • Martha's Vineyard
  • 2017

Reflecting on the agricultural heritage of the surrounding areas and the character of the existing terminal facilities at Martha’s Vineyard Airport, the Populous team conceived a high-performance next-generation Vineyard “farmhouse” to serve as the new home for the Aircraft Rescue and Fire-fighting (ARFF) and Snow Removal Equipment (SRE) facility. Populous served as the programming, architectural design and construction documents consultant and coordination lead on the Design-Only phase of the new ARFF-SRE building. The 19,000-square-feet integrated ARFF and SRE facility included an administrative headhouse to accommodate firefighter dorms, day rooms, equipment storage as well as training and office facilities. The 6-bay fire fighting apparatus and SRE long-span parking facility includes equipment storage, vehicle repair and sand/salt storage accommodations. Design efforts were completed in the winter of 2015, with construction scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2017.