Paris is the Park

Paris 2024 Olympic & Paralympic Bid

  • Paris
  • 2017

In early 2016, Populous were appointed with Egis to design the venues and infrastructure needed to support the bid books for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Candidature Bid. This included 36 venues set across Paris and France, ranging from proposals for world heritage sites, innovative modifications to existing buildings, and the design of entirely new venues.

Venues for Paris 2024 are designed to embody the spirit of Olympic Agenda 2020. This involves maximising the use of existing facilities and temporary venues for Olympic and Paralympic events. All of the Paris 2024 venues are fully aligned with, and integrated into, the city and region’s existing longterm development plans and strategies. The Games’ venue concept is created to ensure sustainable legacies and reflects a strong commitment to minimising environmental impact. 95 percent of existing or temporary venues are in line with the Olympic Agenda 2020.

All of the venues in the Paris 2024 Games concept have been selected and designed according to the objectives of Olympic Agenda 2020 to ensure that the Games deliver real value to the city and people. Among the 36 proposed Olympic competition venues, only two (5%) are permanent venues which need to be built by 2024. Overall, the plans are based on three distinctive kinds of inspirational venue:

Overall, the plans are based on three distinctive kinds of inspirational venue:

  • Existing world-class venues, which will showcase the city’s broad sporting culture, including Tennis at Roland-Garros, Athletics at the Stade de France and Basketball and Judo in the recently renovated Bercy Arena I.
  • Temporary venues in iconic locations, which will see the city’s greatest sites transformed into stunning stages for sport and embedding the Games in the public domain. In addition to road events, examples include Equestrian at the Chateau de Versailles, Beach Volleyball at the foot of the Eiffel Tower and Archery at the Esplanade des Invalides.
  • New legacy venues, located in Paris’s younger and faster-growing outer ring are the focus for significant new investments. These venues include the Aquatics Centre, the Media Village and the Olympic and Paralympic Village, which together will deliver essential new housing supporting existing development plans.

The Games concept and its placement of venues helps to establish and preserve biosphere reserves and environmental protection zones. Hosting the Games will enhance the Natura 2000 zone of the Park Georges-Valbon located close to the Water Polo Arena, the venues at Le Bourget and the Media Village.