Designing for Change

streetfootballworld Festival 16

  • Lyon
  • 2016

Challenge. In 2015, Populous’ London office were delighted to form a partnership with streetfootballworld – an international NGO that harnesses the power of football for good – based on a strong shared belief in the passion and force for change that football creates. This relationship included Populous providing overlay design for streetfootballworld’s international tournament for disadvantaged young people, held in Lyon in July 2016. Festival 16 might not be the same size as a World Cup, but for the participants travelling from all over the world to take part, it needed to feel just as special.

Innovation. streetfootballworld events have a distinct character, which the organisers have worked hard to create. Throughout the design process, the most important element for Populous was that this spirit would determine how every aspect of the venue worked.  Safety, efficiency, and functionality are all fundamental components to putting an event like this together, but it’s the spirit of streetfootballworld that makes it unique. The design team were able to take the same design approaches that would be applied to something like an Olympic Games or international tournament, and transfer that thinking onto a smaller scale. This included safety and security, accreditation, spectator and participant facilities, catering, media facilities, and crowd flow management.

Impact. streetfootballworld Festival 16 took a global stage between 28th June and 7th July 2016, as an official event of the UEFA Euro 2016 Championships, and with the support of other multinational partners. Over 500 young people from around the world were able to enjoy this unique event, which received global coverage and was attended by dignitaries including the French Prime Minister and the Mayor of Lyon. The work of streetfootballworld will continue long after the event, and Populous are proud to have had a small part to play in facilitating this Festival.