Texas A&M Bright Football Complex Brand Activation

College Station, Texas, United States

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The renovated Bright Football Complex at Texas A&M University is a premier training facility in collegiate athletics, one featuring the latest technology and forward-looking design. The project includes a renovated locker room, new entry atrium, renovated players’ lounge, training rooms, meeting rooms, players’ corridor and coaches’ offices to create a modern training experience. Texas A&M’s emphasis was on using technology and team spirit to create not just a branded space, but an experience that would wow young recruits. Every design decision was connected to the brand attributes.

Populous delivered innovative brand activation work on time and on budget. We're thrilled with the results.

Kevin Hurley / Senior Associate Athletics Director, Texas A&M

Numerous focus groups were held with coaching staff, athletics department, players and athletes to learn what was important to them and how the brand story could be told to find authentic sources of inspiration for the design concepts. Populous meticulously story-boarded every step of the recruit and daily training paths to ensure that every image, graphic and interactive component was aligned to their journey and the Texas A&M brand.

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