Redefining the Fan Experience

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Hospitality

  • London
  • 2018

Challenge. From the very beginning of the design process, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has been clear that forging memorable experiences for everyone is paramount to its vision for their new stadium. As a result, there has been an incredibly high level of attention to detail within every aspect of the design.

The brief set to Populous and Jump Studios was to redefine the stadium hospitality experience. The design team’s approach was to ensure that this hospitality design enables the user to redefine each visit to the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

Innovation. The design has been driven by the Club’s aspirations and incredible determination to redefine what a stadium experience can mean in the twenty-first century. By rethinking spaces that have previously been left undeveloped or kept for back-of-house technical support, the opportunities available to the Club, and experiences available to fans, have been re-imagined. In April 2017, planning permission was granted to increase stadium capacity to 61,559.

The first purpose-built glass-walled Tunnel Club in the UK will allow lounge guests to see the inner sanctum of professional sports, with a behind-the-scenes view of the players’ tunnel, before enjoying the action from player-spec ‘Recaro-style’ seats, located behind the First Team technical area. Along with new concepts, traditional hospitality spaces have also been redefined. With 5 dining options available to guests, the H Club is an exceptional Members’ Club that will offer a range of Michelin star dining experiences, including the opportunity to dine at the chef’s table or with Club legends on a privately hosted table. In the Upper and Lower East and West Clubs, fans will be able to enjoy formal dining one week, before choosing between a mixology masterclass or a brasserie style meal the next. In another UK first, a series of ‘loge’ spaces have been located within these Clubs, offering private space within the atmosphere of the overall Club environment

Impact. At every level and for every guest, the design by Populous and Jump Studios is designed to present each visitor with a unique experience that will compete with every venue in the world. The philosophy of choice, opportunity and attention to detail flows into and through every space within the new stadium.

Each level of hospitality is designed to fit seamlessly into the stadium, and within its wider context in North London. The Sky Lounges which perch upon the East and West Stands are designed to completely redefine the fan experience within the world of international sport – watching the action from an incredible vantage point, while simultaneously gazing out over the city of London. Stretching from one end of the pitch to the other, these open, glass-lined spaces will allow an all-encompassing viewing platform for the super fan, as well as being intrinsically linked to every other fan and the spirit of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.