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The new Western Sydney Stadium in Parramatta will deliver the ultimate in a live sports experience with the design of its seating bowl taking intensity and atmosphere to a new level. The 30,000 seat rectangular stadium is part of the New South Wales Government’s strategy to recognise the expansion and growing importance of Sydney’s West.


Western Sydney has a strong sporting base and tradition in both Rugby League and Football (Soccer) and the project aims to create the best possible venue to watch the game live.  But at the same time, the stadium needs to belong to the wider community, so deliberate efforts have been made to ensure it is as family friendly as possible as well as a distinctive landmark for Western Sydney.


The seating bowl will bring spectators as close as possible to the field of play while also providing the best viewing quality. The 360 degree continuous bowl, which is at the steepest permissible angle, will totally enclose the field of play with a wall of fans. This combined with a specially designed roof with fabric mounted on the underside will enhance acoustics, helping to heighten intensity and create great atmosphere.

For the first time in Australia, there will be convertible safe standing positions in the North Stand. This will provide for standing positions for the active home football fan during the season, but will be converted to seats for the rugby fans in winter.

There will also be a family seating zone roughly twice the size of the existing family stand with direct connections to a Kids Zone and nearby family activation areas.

The stadium’s premium product is also designed with Western Sydney’s more egalitarian nature in mind and includes Australia’s first continuous suite deck allowing for a social in-bowl “balcony” experience to make the most of Sydney’s great climate. Another innovation includes Australia’s first rectangular stadium field suite bringing fans closer to their clubs.

A new conferencing and banqueting centre can be adapted from the western premium stand to provide a new conferencing and banqueting centre for the city of Parramatta to enable the greatest possible use of the venue on non-event days.

IMPACT. The stadium will be completed in 2019. It is designed to be an identifiable symbol for Western Sydney, a venue that will not only provide the best possible experience to watch live sport,  but also is flexible and multifunctional enough to be used by the community all year round.

Project Team

Al Baxter

Richard Breslin

Galen Gillham

Nick Fitzgerald

Zoe Sullivan

Paul Foskett

Lilly Arbuckle

Christopher Hardie

James Smith

Keith Hudson

Shaun Gallagher

Andrew Wallace

Grant Cook

Andrew Crutcher

Belinda Wood

Nathan Tobeck

Henry Coates

Matthew Farr

Cindy Yip

Belinda Goh

Brayden Goodwin

Sue DesBrosses

Chris Paterson