SBJ: Remember The Time: Sports Execs Continue To Reflect On Super Bowl Memories

March 21, 2016


Senior Principal Jerry Anderson was highlighted in a recent Sports Business Journal story reflecting on the last 31 years of Super Bowl memories and how they’ve come full circle.

Anderson has been the NFL’s planning consultant for Super Bowls dating to 1985.

My first Super Bowl (XIX) was up at Stanford Stadium, so it’s come full circle for me personally. It’s really rewarding to come back to the Bay Area and do this, but to also think about all the things that have happened in the past 31 years to the game and what we do. It’s monumental, the changes. The other part to that story, though, is the guy that’s day to day for us, Todd Barnes, who lives in the East Bay. For Todd, it’s the first Super Bowl where he’s been able to drive to work. That’s unique for our little group. We’re mostly far from home, so that’s a nice little personal twist to the story.


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