streetfootballworld Festival 16 kicks off in Lyon

July 4, 2016

As streetfootballworld Festival 16 officially launches today, Populous’ London office are delighted to see their design for the event – the culmination of a special, year-long partnership with streetfootballworld – welcome its first participants.

Led by two of Populous’ architecture and event staff, Emiliano Cevallos and Soaad Islam, the design explores the beautiful Sport dans la Ville campus, and celebrates the distinct character of streetfootballworld. By using experience and expertise from previous Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Baku 2015 European Games, and NFL Super Bowl event design, the project team have been able to deliver the best possible experience to participants travelling from all around the world.

Populous Associate and Project Lead Emiliano Cevallos said, “We have been working really closely with both streetfootballworld and Sport dans la Ville to make sure that our designs not only enhance the running of this amazing occasion, but also create new opportunities for everyone involved, providing a strong legacy for future streetfootballworld events. We truly believe in the power of sport to affect change, and Festival 16 has been a fantastic example of that potential.”

Populous Associate and Overlay Lead Soaad Islam said, “streetfootballworld might not be the same size as a FIFA World Cup or Olympic & Paralympic Games, but for the participants travelling from all over the world to take part it needs to feel just as special. By taking the same design processes we would apply to something like an Olympic Games or a World Cup and transferring that thinking onto a smaller scale, we’ve been able to deliver what will be a fantastic home for the festival.”

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