Taipei Dome: Shaping up to lead the way for a new generation of sporting facilities in Asia

March 23, 2016

The Taipei Dome, situated in the heart of the Taiwanese capital, is shaping up to lead the way for a new generation of sporting facilities in Asia. Construction has begun on the Dome which will give the people of Taipei a world-class facility to attract world-class events.

The Dome includes a 40,000 seat covered baseball arena, and more than 200,000sqm of integrated themed retail, offices and apartments and a hotel on an historic site, the old Song Shan Tobacco Factory site. The design includes direct views to the historic Song Shan Factory, an integral part of the development.

The Taipei Dome will create a major sport and cultural designation point within Taiwan and is the first project in the country that integrates new development with an historic precinct.

In the interview below, Project Director Andrew James talks about the importance of cities developing exciting facilities that are attractive to locals and visitors alike because they are a beacon, a focal point, and will attract international events. He also explains how the design is careful to be respectful of its historic surroundings and to fit comfortably  within the existing city centre.


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