The Next Level: Developing the Hospitality Experience at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

November 27, 2019

Tottenham Hotspur’s brief to Populous was simple: to revolutionise the matchday experience and set a new benchmark for premium offerings in sports and entertainment venues anywhere in the world. Each space was conceived with the Club to fit seamlessly into the stadium while also having its own distinct identity.

Each member of the Populous design team worked together from the very start of the project to integrate all the different design elements into one cohesive whole: from bowl design to landscape, architecture to interior design. This approach not only influenced the look and feel of the interior spaces, but the design of the stadium itself. The client was clear – everything had to optimise atmosphere and fan experience.

  • Hospitality design concepts developed by Populous and Jump Studios, a Populous company, for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Populous’ designs incorporated all of the stadium’s premium facilities into the East and West stands, creating two huge blocks of general admission seating in the North and South stands that become the driving force behind the atmosphere on match days. We worked with the Club to create developed designs for a new breed of premium areas that focussed on choice and fan experience.

Christopher Lee, project director, said: “We tried to create premium spaces that fit seamlessly into the stadium. Whether you are coming for a five-course dinner or a burger, we want every single guest to have an unparalleled experience. We have designed this stadium to encourage people to have different opportunities each time they come. This is true of the Premium spaces, but also the General Admission areas too.

“As a practice here at Populous, we believe that we design experiences, not buildings. And if you start from that position – i.e. ‘What’s my experience using this thing going to be?’ not ‘Oh, it’s got to look like this and be made from a certain material’ – you end up with a very different result. The Club has been absolutely clear that memorable experiences are paramount for everyone. From the general admission toilets to the layout of the Premium lounges, everything has been considered, challenged and reviewed. It has been a thorough, painstaking process, but the reward is truly unique for everyone who visits.”

  • Hospitality design concepts developed by Populous and Jump Studios, a Populous company, for Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Some of the exciting new concepts developed by Populous, the Club, and catering consultant Levy within the new stadium include:

  • The first purpose-built glass-walled Tunnel Club in the UK. This allows guests to see the inner sanctum with a behind-the-scenes view of the players’ journey into the stadium.
  • The H Club, an exceptional Members’ Club designed to offer a range of Michelin-star calibre dining experiences.
  • Contemporary Super Loges feature for the first time in a UK stadium. These spaces are inspired by American hospitality offerings and combine the intimacy of private dining with access to a Members’ lounge bar.
  • The Stratus lounges occupy the highest spectator vantage point in the stadium, high up on Level 9 of the East and West stands. With floor-to-ceiling glass windows on either side of the room, guests are treated to stunning panoramic views of the pitch and out across the London skyline.

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium premium areas developed design was completed by Populous, with fit out by F3 Architects.


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