Tomorrow’s Together

In partnership with PanStadia and Arena Management magazine, Populous took part in a year-long project in 2015, to explore the future in sports and entertainment venues, culminating in a special presentation at the 2nd edition of the Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific event held at the Singapore Sports Hub.

As the project title suggests, “Tomorrow’s Together” sought to understand and develop what it is that has drawn people together to experience amazing occasions for thousands of years, and what will continue to do so into the future. While the attraction of experiencing events ‘together’ is likely to remain unchallenged, developments in architecture and engineering, science and technology will mean that the nature of this togetherness could change dramatically; from revenue-generation and technology, to sustainability and personalized digital experiences.

The project was presented in the quarterly issues of PanStadia and Arena Management Magazine. Please click below to see these articles. p>  

PanStadia Issue 1

PanStadia Issue 2

PanStadia Issue 3

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