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As the modern airport emerges as the common thread among global travelers, what matters most is creating a memorable journey. We bring those memories to life through experiential, authentic and people-centric design solutions ranging from a passenger gate seating module to an entire airport city. Whether we’re creating the story of a place, a brand or even an entire community, we focus on every touch point from doorway to jetway and back again.



Pushing Boundaries in Airport Hospitality

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Pushing boundaries can be one of the greatest challenges and opportunities for a designer. It’s easy to become reliant on what is existing and readily available in the marketplace.

Flying High with Millennial Travelers

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A recent article on Skift.com, “Survey: Millennial Flyers Are More Willing to Pay for Premium Conveniences,” analyzed the latest findings from OAG Flightview’s survey of travelers (about a 1/3 business and 2/3 leisure sampling) and suggested a rapidly-evolving traveler demographic.