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Imagine and incubate the bold ideas that lead the field of design forward. We’ll empower you to channel your entrepreneurial creativity and follow curiosity wherever it leadsWe’ll also give you global platforms — both online and in-person — to come together as one Populous team. 

Spotlight: Global Pi Conference

Our global reach is one of our greatest strengths, and it didn’t happen by accident. Teammates on separate continents regularly reach out and collaborate virtually, then physically come together each year via our Pi conference. Short for Populous Intelligence, Pi brings invited guests and Populous staff from all four corners of the globe to one place. While there, they share big ideas and present the thought-provoking perspectives that hearken back to our pioneering roots. 

Sharpen Skills

Join a diverse group of disciplines united by one common pursuit of excellence. We push each other to be better, whether that’s through regular design reviews or mastering cutting-edge software through dedicated learning curriculum. We supply the tools, you supply the passion. 

Spotlight: Global Design Reviews

The global get-togethers don’t stop with Pi. Global leadership and select staff come together each year to critique our best work and exchange project innovations. Project work gets stress-tested and emerges all the better for it, while you gain invaluable exposure to different cultures and the designs they produce. 

Collaborate with Teammates

Contribute to an honest, open and inclusive environment that’s grounded in integrity. We take pride in fostering a culture of respect, one where people and the work they produce are valued. Welcoming all viewpoints and giving constructive critiques are skills and expectations we take seriously.

To accomplish this, we bring cross-discipline and cross-culture teams together to workshop ideas and build empathy. Take as a few examples: design charettes for the Women in Sport & Entertainment (WISE) group, funded research Fellowships every two years and internal Leadership Development Programs.

Savor the Now

Take the time to stop, have a little fun and celebrate wins with your teammates. These lighter moments are what make all the hard work worth it. Whether it’s an office field trip or team excursion to experience a venue open for the first time, we make sure they happen on the regular.

Teammates also take it upon themselves to come together over common interests, such as our Pop Band in London, our annual Noosa Triathlon team in Queensland and the months-long Kansas City Corporate Challenge.

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