Whether inside a venue or in the urban environment, how easily and intuitively you can find where you want to go is integral to your experience of that place. Designing complex buildings with multiple users in varying event modes requires an in-depth knowledge and experience to create a wayfinding strategy and system that seamlessly integrates with the fabric of the place or space.

With four decades of experience and thousands of built projects, Populous has mastered the ability of effortlessly moving hundreds of thousands of people every day from A to B.

Understanding the user groups and diversities of operations allows our strategy team to develop an insight driven analysis of user flows, journey optimisations to provide intuitive and seamless environments. In that way we can ensure a large venues that might be used for multiple sports to be customized to reflect the individual character of any event, as is the case at Groupama Stadium for Olympique Lyonnais where clear distinctive wayfinding and signage is evocative of the Club’s particular identity.

In venues such as T-Mobile Arena or Truist Park, we create distinct journey sequences that match a brand expression and the look and feel of the environment.

The uniqueness of each venue is of paramount importance. At the temporary Christchurch Stadium, built after the city was devastated by earthquakes, fabric and graphics were used in a dramatic and inexpensive way to show people the way and dress the stadium.

And because our end-result is often a very successful design-driven information environment we tend to win awards and have clients coming back  for further work.