Michael Halchak

Senior Event Architect, Principal / Denver

Michael brings over 35 years of experience in urban planning, sports facility design, planning and operating major international events, and Olympic Games bids. He is recognised internationally as a leading expert in the design and operation of Olympic Games competition and non-competition venues.

Prior to joining Populous, Michael was in private practice from 1996 through 2007, as owner of his firm specializing in Olympic Games bids and Olympic Games and Paralympic Games consulting. He has been involved in the planning, installation of event overlay, and operation of venues in 9 Olympic Games. Since joining Populous in 2007 he has been involved in a wide range of major sports architecture and event projects throughout the world in the roles of event advisor and design team leader.

During the course of his career Michael has also been a consultant to the International Olympic Committee as an expert advisor in the areas of venue planning and design, event overlay construction, and site management. He has also made significant contributions to versions of the IOC Technical Manual on Design Standards for Competition Venues.