Telegraph Business of Sport: Day 1

The first day of the 2016 Telegraph Business of Sport Conference proved to be a fascinating insight into a variety of different lives within the world of sport. From top level business and sponsorship leaders, to international sportsmen and women, the sports industry was fantastically represented, and entertaining! We asked our Populous attendees for their thoughts from the first day of the event.

Mike TriceMike Trice, Senior Principal. This is a great opportunity to hear the views of serious people who are at top of their industry. The BT and Telegraph moderators are just as expert as the panels, and the mutual respect really comes across. It’s interesting to hear similar issues to the ones that we face in sports architecture being discussed by different corners of the industry. Claire Williams speaking about the opportunity for female directed branding in Formula 1, and how proper diligence now shapes the way deals are struck and working partnerships are formed, really stuck in the mind.

Ben VickeryBen Vickery, Senior Principal. The Telegraph Business of Sport conference is an excellent discussion of the internal commercial mechanics of sport. Barry Hearn pointed out the importance of stadiums to the business by saying the foundation of everything else is an enthusiastic crowd.  Without that, television and online viewers and sponsors simply won’t be interested.


Simon BorgSimon Borg, Associate Principal. This was my first time at the event, and it provided some great insight into how the sport branding business operates across the various sectors. This in particular was a great takeaway: “To get an audience, you need an audience”. Spectators give sport events legitimacy, and encourage armchair viewers to watch. Even for Martin Whitmarsh and Americas Cup sailing, this was a key consideration. Other than the quality of team performance, the spectator experience is at the core to building an attractive sponsorship proposition.

Tim ReevesTim Reeves, Senior Associate/Business Development. Everywhere you look, on every panel, there are influential people from the world of sport, all talking earnestly and openly about their areas of passion. And, of course, there’s a lot of characters! A great event, and I’m looking forward to day two!

Populous Managing Director EMEA, Christopher Lee, will be presenting a case study on  the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on day two of the Telegraph Business of Sport conference. Follow us on twitter for updates throughout the conference

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