POPComp 2011

POPcomp 2011 launch posterPOPcomp 2011 is here!

This years competition is set to be bigger and better than ever with an exciting brief, brilliant judges and some big prize money up for grabs.

The competition will run from Tuesday November 1st until Tuesday November 8th 2011.

Team Registration:
Email your team name and the names of your 4 members to: POPcomp@populous.com

Registration Deadline is:

  • 10 am Friday 28th Oct – Brisbane
  • Midnight Thursday/Friday – London
  • 6pm Thursday 27th Oct – Kansas City

Prize Catergories:

  • POPchamps – Best Design decided by judges – US$2000
  • Popidopilous Prize – Most imaginative/creative/wacky/interesting/thought provoking design chosen by judges – US$1200
  • Populous’ Choice award – Chosen by the people, for the people.  – US$1200

Team Requirements:

  • Each team must consist of 4 members. No more than 2 members may be in the same continent for the duration of the competition. Teams may be spread across up to 4 continents.
  •  Teams should be made up of People who would not normally work together.  This is not a rule but a request. We can’t enforce this, but we hope you take the opportunity to get to know other people within the POPULOUS family.
  •  Team names are a requirement of registration. Have some fun with it and create an identity for yourselves. Introduce your team. Email your team list to the organiser and post them up on the Discussion Board/Assembly/around the office. Let everyone know who has teamed up. A little trash talk never hurt anyone…. it is a competition after all!


  • Peter Cook
  • Gavin Robotham

Team formation:

Staff who are interested in forming a team, but have not been able to arrange members from other offices, should email their interest to
Please ensure your Intranet profile is complete and Up-to-date BEFORE emailing the organisers.


If you have any questions/concerns regarding the competition, please direct your enquires to:

Brisbane, London and Kansas City also have people in the office coordinating the competition. If you need to talk to someone please contact:

  • Brisbane: James Pearce
  • London: Eduardo McIntosh
  • Kansas City: Daniel Wood


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