Kansas State Vanier Football Complex

  • Manhattan, KS
  • 2015

Kansas State University’s Bill Snyder Family Stadium is in the midst of a transformation. With a new Vanier Football Complex, the Wildcats will more than double the amount of space for student-athletes and coaches, providing access to world-class resources, equipment and facilities and creating a more cohesive and efficient experience to train, study and compete.

The new training complex, attached to the stadium, will include expansive spaces, bold graphics and state-of-the-art equipment. A grand 4-story atrium will leave a memorable first impression and be accessible from all levels, including the main concourse. Perhaps most importantly, a new Academic Learning Center will facilitate the very best in academic support services for K-State student-athletes from all 16 sports. A massive new Strength & Conditioning Center will more than double the current footprint with multi-level height ceilings, natural lighting and a built-in plyometric ramp. All-new sports medicine and hydrotherapy equipment will include the latest in student-athlete training and recovery resources. A new team theater will be added, along with a customized and centrally located locker room, multiple student-athlete lounge spaces and expansive meeting rooms.

The entire top floor will be dedicated to the football program, including offices and meeting rooms, with a private balcony outside of the coaches’ offices displaying incredible views of the field and stadium.

The north stadium expansion will result in a much-improved game day experience for the grass-roots fan base and a more intimidating atmosphere within the fully-enclosed seating bowl. Enhanced sightlines, deep seating treads and direct stadium access will be among many welcomed improvements to K-State fans.

The completion of Phase III of the Bill Snyder Family Stadium Master Plan will further solidify the university’s place as a prominent force in the Big 12, and aid in attracting, retaining & training high quality recruits from across the nation.


·         SF: 132,000 SF
·         Academic Learning Center: 14,700 SF
·         Strength & Conditioning Center: 18,300SF
·         Sports Medicine and Hydrotherapy: 8,900 SF
·         Football Operations: 33,700 SF
·         Locker Rooms: 10,100 Sf
·         Student Athlete Lounge: 3,900 SF
·         Stadium Seating Expansion: 1,000 increase
·         Completion date: September 2015