CBUS Super Stadium

  • Gold Coast
  • 2008

Situated to the north of Robina Town centre, 500m from the train station and eight kilometres from the coast, CBUS Super Stadium is built on a greenfield site and marks the first stage of a new urban centre for the Gold Coast. The 27,400 seat stadium, designed by Populous, acts as a catalyst for the future commercial, retail and entertainment development of the area.

The rectangular stadium has been designed to reflect the identity of the Gold Coast – the architectural form of the building as a simple façade wrap of PTFE fabric enclosing open naturally ventilated concourses uses the subtropical climate to its full advantage.

The seating bowl is a single wrap around tier designed to achieve the closest possible seating configuration as well as the maximum coliseum effect. The cantilever roof on all four sides of the stadium is also designed to provide a sense of enclosure as well as providing retention of sound and light.

The stadium incorporates a range of green measures including water reticulation and open concourses to minimise the need for lighting and mechanical ventilation.

The main tenant of this regional stadium is the Gold Coast Rugby League NRL team, but the stadium also accommodates rugby union and soccer and hosts entertainment events.

The new stadium has also been the centre of a new transport hub at Robina, and more than 80% of patrons travel to and from events at the stadium by public transport.