10 Design Features Not to Miss on Estadio BBVA Bancomer Opening Day in Monterrey Mexico

July 21, 2015

Estadio BBVA Bancomer opens on August 2. The new stadium for C.F. Monterrey is a majestic welcome that will draw passionate fans into a world-class experience. The vision for the stadium will forever change what Latin American soccer fans expect in a stadium. Through creative urban planning, an understanding of global trends in the fan experience and a progressive, sophisticated vision for the sport’s future in the region, Estadio BBVA Bancomer has the potential to transform an entire region’s expectations.

From the design team’s perspective, here are 10, of the many features, we hope you enjoy on opening day:

1. Stunning forms
The aluminum clad skin and organic shaped form provides exciting and ever changing views from every direction as fans approach the stadium. The cast in place concrete tripods provide sculptural triple height atriums that are inspiring.

2. Design Principles
The design honors the city’s legacies as a steel manufacturer and city of breweries. The materials selected highlight this history – like an imposing colonnade of rolled steel trusses and the aluminum façade – and crescent shaped openings that pay tribute to beer stills and steel mills. The design was meant to be welcoming and inviting to all members of the community, Rayados fans and the citizens of Monterey alike.

3. Stadium with a heart
Mexicans have a heart. The design was conceived with that in mind: inspiring and captivating but ultimately it is the people, the fans who transform the stadium into a marvelous, incredible place and create unforgettable memories; they are the heart and soul of the stadium.

4. Premium Seating and Parking
The stadium boasts 324 luxury suites – more than any other soccer stadium in the world – suite ticket holders also have exclusive parking. While 4,500 club seats, distributed in two central club lounges will service all club seat holders. The West Club includes a kids’ zone and unique balcony with views to players’ tunnel.

5. Intimo
Fans will be closer to the pitch than in Estadio Tecnológico: from 27 meters to nine meters on the side lines. This is the closest distance allowed by FIFA. The level of comfort, safety and security is unmatched in Mexico.

6. Views to the Cerro de la Silla Mountain
The stadium has an asymmetrical sweeping shape that lowers to the south framing views of the famous mountain.

7. Carne Asada
The south side is home to a restaurant and bar for 170 spectators. This space will be operated 24/7. Its operable glass walls will create a unique connection to the match and superior ambience in the interior.

8. High Definition Televisions
More than 800 high definition televisions are located throughout the concourses for continued connection with the action on the field.

9. Service to Fans
Each seating section has hawker’s service points built into the seating bowl offering instant service for fans in their seats. The proportion of restrooms and points of sales per spectator exceeds the current standards in Mexican facilities. Family toilets are incorporated in the concourses. All seats have cup holders and are self-rising.

10. Riverwalk Along the la Silla River
The only natural river in the city runs along the north boundary of the stadium creating a riverwalk connecting to the 24 hectares stadium landscape and converting the green parking into an urban park.

Read more about the stadium’s design and details here: http://bit.ly/1IrZZfs


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