Bankwest Stadium: Uniquely designed for the ultimate fan experience

July 19, 2019 / Al Baxter

Providing an unrivalled game-day experience for fans and players alike, Bankwest Stadium is fast becoming one of the country’s most well-loved venues since it first opened in March 2019.

The stadium is designed specifically to create an intense and unforgettable atmosphere, and features a number of Australian firsts including convertible sit-stand seats for active football fans and innovative LED lighting systems which can be changed at the flick of a switch to suit the home team’s colours.

Scroll down to discover the all the design elements that make Bankwest Stadium the new global benchmark for stadium design.

1. Roof structure

There are 2,600 tons of steel in the roof supporting the roof fabric, the sports lighting, the high-speed 4G wifi and solar panels.

2. Sports lighting

The LED sports lighting hidden within the roof is vastly more efficient than traditional metal halide sports lights. They also require no warm up time meaning they can be switched on instantly.

3. Roof fabric

The 28,000m2 roof covers 100% of the stadium’s seats and is made from polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) fabric.

4. Upper tier

The 20,000 seats in the upper tier have the best sight lines of any rectangular stadium in Australia while also designed to be as close to the field as possible. To do both these things has meant the upper tier has to be steep and is the steepest stand in Australia at 33.93 degrees. This has provided the added benefit of creating a wall of people and sound surrounding the pitch.

5. Media mesh

The interactive media mesh above the main entry allows the stadium to be dressed in the home team’s colours at the flick of a switch.

6. Concourse

The open concourse means spectators are always connected to the action with clear views of the pitch.

7. Convertible seating

In an Australian first, 1,200 seats in the northern stand can be converted to 1,800 safe standing positions for football’s active supporters.

8. Food and beverage

No seating aisle is further than 30m from a food and beverage kiosk.

9. Hospitality

The west stand provides 3,000 seats for hospitality including:

  • 38 suites
  • 3 lounges
  • open corporate reserve boxes
  • BBQ decks
  • a field club at pitch level located between the player change rooms and warm up areas.

10. Roof halo

An ethylene tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) transparent edge to the roof helps grass to grow on the edges of the field.

11. Solar panels

A 100KW capacity photo-voltaic solar panel system provides renewable energy for the stadium.

12. Video screens

There are two 150m2 video screens, one in the north-east corner and one in the south-west corner.

13. Steel structure

The stadium structure is made from 4,500 tonnes of Australian steel fabricated in western Sydney.

14. Lower tier

The 10,000 seats in the lower tier are as close to the pitch as possible with the front row of seats only 5.5m from the sideline.

15. Playing pitch

The playing area is 130m x 81m and can accommodate football, Rugby League, Rugby Union and AFL. In an Australian first, the pitch also has a sub-surface heating and cooling system that allows the grass to keep growing on the hottest of summer months and the coldest winter days.

16. Western stand

The western stand of the stadium accommodates all of the player, media and stadium staff areas and includes:

  • a locker room and change area for 600 staff
  • staff briefing and break areas
  • stadium and pitch maintenance areas
  • security and loading areas
  • a central kitchen and nine satellite kitchens
  • TV and radio commentary, TV studio, written press box and media lounge on level 4.

17. Player facilities

The stadium has four main player change rooms designed to accommodate either male or female players equally and includes:

  • hot and cold recovery pools
  • a 250m2 warm up area
  • player briefing areas
  • separate coaches’ change area and office space
  • a dedicated sport science area.

18. Technology

High-speed 4G wifi is available free of charge throughout the stadium, while 548 connected LED screens keep spectators connected with the action even when they are away from their seats.

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