Drawing People Together

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Populous is a global design firm that began with a singular focus — to draw people together around the things they love, through experiences that capture all the senses, amplifying the atmosphere of excitement and pure joy shared in human moments.

Today, we are the leading firm in the design of stadia, arenas, large-scale venues and live events, creating unmistakable spaces and experiences for the most recognizable names in sports and entertainment.

As a firm founded on innovation and the confidence to pursue big ideas, it’s this vision for design excellence that has led Fast Company to name Populous one of the world’s 50 most innovative companies, ranking Populous as No. 1 in architecture.

We use the power of design to transform neighborhoods, revitalize cities, build relationships and connect people to being part of something bigger. At Populous, architects and designers of all kinds create moments bigger than ourselves.

We are a global firm with local roots in cities across the world and regional headquarters in London, Brisbane and Kansas City. Our team includes specialist designers across a range of disciplines from architecture and interior design to branded environments, urban planning, event design and landscape architecture.

We are consistently shaping a sustainable future for the world’s most vibrant and complex destinations, as well as each and every community we work within — where we love to do what we do best.

Populous. Drawing people together.

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