Our Companies

  • Jump Studios

    Jump Studios

    Jump Studios is the interior design arm of Populous in the EMEA region. The practice consists of architects, designers and makers dedicated to challenging conventions and redefining boundaries within the built environment.

    We believe real design innovation comes from breaking down barriers between creative disciplines: our core teams of architects are supported by graphic, digital and interaction designers allowing us to bring our clients’ values and purpose to life across multiple and increasingly interrelated touchpoints.

  • Populous Consulting

    Populous Consulting

    As the business consulting arm of Populous, Populous Consulting acts as a specialist venue consultancy, with a team comprising experts in delivering the design, commercialization, sales and operation of major international sports events and iconic venues around the world. Populous Consulting works in partnership with the Populous design team to seek out revenue generating opportunities in the buildings we design.

    Populous Consulting has reconfigured the traditional model of venue feasibility and business planning, by bringing customer insight and business analysis into the design process. We believe it’s key that the venues we create are optimized for both customer experience and profitability, and that the best venues are created when designers, operators and commercial advisors are part of the process from the beginning of a project.

    The partnership between Populous and Populous Consulting ensures that architectural design services are fully aligned with commercial strategies, resulting in a final building that’s as financially successful as it is beautiful.

  • Experience Studios

    Experience Studios

    Experience Studios is a technical creative design studio with expertise in everything audiovisual and acoustic. This team of specialists collaborates across engineering and creative disciplines to deliver jaw dropping multimedia experiences, such as the full event-day audiovisual strategy at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the immersive acoustics and sound system design at Camden’s legendary venue KOKO, and the cutting edge multimedia strategy for Qiddiya City Esports Arena.

    Experience Studios works along the entire continuum of architectural live events, from permanent physical venues, to temporary festival sites, to one-off shows and immersive installations.

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