Barry Hughes

Associate Principal, Senior Architect / Los Angeles

Barry Hughes’ design approach is innovative, collaborative and whimsical. He is a confident leader and has a long track record of designing corporate, civic, residential and mixed-use spaces. Blending a thorough understanding of construction technologies with a deep interest in how people interact with and in spaces, Barry delivers creative solutions for any challenge at hand.

Barry utilizes contemporary technologies to design more sustainable buildings and a healthier future for all. Creating environments that foster connections is central to his design practice, and he collaborates with clients and consultants to ensure optimal project outcomes. His vision is often cinematic, positioning large projects as a continuously unfolding series of scenes supported by meaningful transitions. Barry approaches the role of project lead as an opportunity to curate rather than direct. He is eager to hear unique perspectives and sees the design process as a chance to cross-pollinate ideas and practices.

His diverse project portfolio exemplifies a dynamic skill set and mental flexibility that position him as an expert across building categories. Barry’s keen interest in cultural idiosyncrasies guides his thoughtful project approach at local and global levels, providing him with crucial insight throughout building processes. He approaches projects on the principle that modern design has less to do with an aesthetic and more to do with an approach and attitude borne out of an extended sense of global community.