Ben Stindt

Principal, Senior Architect / Kansas City

Ben is a senior designer at Populous with extensive experience in stadiums and related master planning including numerous NFL and collegiate projects over more than twenty years. He is known as a skillful listener – working closely with clients to develop a shared vision and achieve broad development goals through design. In addition to mastery of computer generated design tools, he is gifted in hand drawing, which greatly aides in conveying ideas to clients for quick and effective feedback. Ben is well versed in master planning and visionary studies, as well as seeing projects through construction. As the lead designer for the iconic Heinz Field and the North Shore Redevelopment plan, Ben was tasked with preserving the city’s architectural history while creating a compelling design that would reshape the fabric of the city. On the collegiate level, his projects at universities like Virginia Tech, University of Alabama and Rutgers have helped reshape the fan experience and communicated the spirit, passion and history of schools across the nation. Ben is a gifted designer who crafts buildings, districts and destinations that highlight the assets of every community, every campus and every culture.