Bill Bourne

Associate Principal, Senior Architect / Kansas City

Bill Bourne is an architect driven to design spaces that are both serviceable and cost effective, while also promoting the connectivity of visitors with each other and the aesthetic of the surrounding community. He is a leader in equestrian, entertainment and fairground facility design, effectively managing the transformation of equestrian venues into year-round event centers and destinations for a variety of events.

Growing up in St. Louis, Bill’s passion for community and culture is inspired by the city’s diverse history of art, music, food and language. Bill understands that each community has unique stories and traditions, which serve as strong inspiration for designing innovative environments that promote growth and create new memories.

His involvement in fairgrounds and equestrian projects emphasizes his devotion to designing places for the entire community that not only can host a variety of entertainment events, but also promote youth leadership and education.

With over a decade of experience, Bill has played an integral role in the planning and design of fairgrounds, racecourses and multidiscipline equestrian event centers. Most recently, Bill served a fundamental role in the design of the Buchanan County Agri-Business Exposition Center and the Calgary Stampede Agriculture Arena. He emphasizes the importance of collaboration within the project team by fostering quality communication and ensuring the team’s efforts directly align with the client’s vision.