Carissa Barry

Associate, Senior Architect / Portland

Carissa Barry’s work approach values consistency, accuracy and thoroughness. Her attention to detail and ability to understand how short-term objectives fit into long-term goals allow her to keep projects moving forward smoothly. Carissa holds over 20 years of experience in the architecture industry. Her portfolio spans typologies, including everything from student housing and mixed-use commercial spaces to civic structures and athletic facilities.

Communication is central to Carissa’s praxis, making her an excellent point of contact for colleagues and clients alike. As a natural delegator and enthusiastic team player, she encourages open dialogues and clear directives to ensure that everyone has a voice at the table. Carissa is passionate about collaborating with and mentoring junior colleagues, regularly offering support in career development and licensure.

Carissa’s project work begins long before a design is developed. She is a diligent researcher, learning as much as possible about the cultural and social context of a project before diving in. Carissa’s seasoned familiarity with consultant coordination, construction administration and general problem solving make her a reliable resource throughout the life of a project and an asset to any team.