Chris Collins

Principal, Senior Architect / Kansas City

Chris Collins holds over a decade of architectural experience in arena, transit, aviation, commercial, education and residential design, which he leverages to create seamless experiences for travelers and students. He is responsible for a wide range of duties from design to project coordination, taking care to emphasize collaboration with colleagues and clients alike.

Chris is meticulously detail-oriented but knows when to step back and take a look at the big picture. His attention to a project is not confined to the design – he cares about the input of clients, colleagues and the community impacted by the final product.

A diligent leader, Chris excels at coordinating projects from preschematic design through construction. He leads by example, maintaining that a positive work environment is beneficial to the success of a project. Chris’ expertise poises him as a major point of support for the arena, collegiate and aviation teams, and he is energized by mentoring younger architects.